Verruca Treatment Options

Verrucas are a virus, a virus named the human papilloma virus (HPV)

Each option has its own risks and benefits that will be discussed during the initial appointment. We choose the best option depending upon many factors.
There are many HPV viral strains, over 200+, but only around 5-6 affect the feet. These are benign lesions and usually will resolve in children by the 2 year mark. In adults, it is not uncommon for verrucae to be present for 5-10 years.
No verruca treatment is guaranteed as it is a difficult virus for the body to recognise. This is due to the HPV virus fooling the body into not noticing it.

Leave/tincture of time

Basically, we leave the verruca and let the body do what it does best.

Salicylic Acid

A stronger acid that is no available over the counter, The foot will need to stay dry for around 3 days whilst the acid works on breaking down the structure.


This is more commonly known as “freezing”. It can be slightly uncomfortable and has a risk of blistering and damaging surrounding skin.


This is a Nitrile-Zinc complex, known for painless application and ability to continue without many lifestyle changes.

Verruca Needling

One of the more aggresive treatments, this treatment involves numbing the foot and essentially pushing the virus into the blood stream to aim for acquired immunity.