Appointment Types:

Please contact us to book a home visit.

New patient assessment and treatment
45 minutes – 1 hour 

This is where we go through what you would like to gain from seeing me, and I can explain how I can help you. This will always be your first appointment, and I will discuss how we will proceed with the different types of appointments during this.

If, on the off chance, I need additional input with your care. I will ensure we get you to the correct place.

Routine Appointment
30-45 minutes

We have our treatment plan in place, we assess any health, medical or foot changes from last time, and we will carry out the necessary treatment.

Short Appointment
15-20 minutes

This is for patients who do not need a more extended amount of time. For example, a nail cut only.

This service will need to be agreed upon with the podiatrist. We need to ensure that we can fulfil your needs within this time slot.

home visit
45 minutes – 1 hour

Unable to get to the clinic? I can come to your home and carry out podiatric treatment there.

15 minutes

If you are unsure if I can help or need further information, this could be the appointment for you.

If further treatment is agreed/required, this fee will be deducted.

Add ons/ Additional appointment Types:

Hot Wax Therapy

Suitable for pain and great for those chilly months. This can be an add on to your podiatry appointment or a stand-alone appointment. The price below reflects it as a stand-alone appointment. Please contact us for the price to have this as an additional service.

Nail Reconstruction

An aesthetic answer to a toenail that has been either destroyed via trauma or a fungal infection.

Fenestration of fungal nail

Suppose there has been a positive test for onychomycosis (Fungal nail). This could be a great solution without the need for medication and the destruction of large pieces of the nail. (Suitability to be assessed)

Nail Surgery

This is a permanent solution for a troublesome problem. Problem nails can cause a lot of discomfort and risk, such as reoccurring infections. This will eliminate that problem by permanently removing the nail. (Small chance of nail regrowth, discussed with consent)

Verruca Needling

Falknor’s Needling has one of the highest resolution rates within verruca treatments. Verrucae are notoriously tricky to remove as they are a virus, but needling is a more aggressive treatment for those aggressive verrucae!