Summer comes around in the blink of an eye. It will soon be time to pack away those winter boots, knee-high socks and thermals and dust off the flip-flops hiding at the back of your cupboard. Neglected winter feet are not pretty, but it does not need to make your toes curl! In this blog, we’ll explore how to get your feet summer ready.

With these helpful tips it will feel like your feet are having a facial. They’ll be looking and feeling years younger and be summer-ready in no time at all! 


It is time to quit that nail polish addiction! Long-term use of nail polish severely dehydrates your toenails, strains and damages them. Instead, bring back nourishment and hydration with a nail and cuticle oil. 

Ensure you use a basecoat if you are insistent on nail polish, this way the nail plate will be protected and prevent discolouration. Nudes, neutrals and neons are hot this season so seal them with a top coat and achieve a glossy finish.

With the use of nail clippers and a glass nail file cut and file your nails to their natural shape. 

Hard skin

Believe it or not hard skin on your feet is caused by your walking style! Using a foot file on dry skin will help to remove hard skin. Follow this with the use of an exfoliator on the soles of your feet to enhance the effects. 

Furthermore, it would help if you soaked your feet in warm water with fresh lemon and mint. This will allow your feet to feel revitalised, smooth and relaxed. 

summer ready feet on beach


Moisturising daily not only leaves your feet hydrated and nourished, but they will be noticeably softer and less at risk of cracks and hard skin. 

Remember; moisturise your feet but avoid getting moisturiser in between your toes!


Did you know one of the number one cause of foot pain occurs from flip-flops and sandals? If you choose to wear them then little and often is always best. However, cushioned soles and ankle support and making sure they are wide and deep enough will provide extra comfort and support from pain. 


Everybody remembers the obvious areas: legs, arms, face but forget one crucial part of the skin that needs protection from the sun. Your feet! They are ever so susceptible to melanoma, and other forms of skin cancer, so don’t let them down when applying your sunscreen this summer. 

If you still find yourself struggling even with the above treatments, it may be time to seek help from a professional. We can provide fantastic results towards bearing your soles this summer and feeling amazing in the process. Contact us to book an appointment – get your feet summer ready with Caton Podiatry!

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